Gasway LLC was established in the year 2009. The company is one of the first Omani local companies that provides Gyro and wireline services with 100% Omani workforce. Our main goal is building a large corporation supporting Oman and other regional operations.

Gasway is equipped with highly experienced, competent and dedicated staff. The company will be focusing on maintaining the highest levels in HSE, business conduct and quality.

Gasway's workforce possesses over 80 years of experience in Oil & Gas business in Oman. The company in general combines knowledge of energy industry, finance and field operation.



How We Differ ?

Gasway objectives are to enhance the development of, and the search for, new reserves by making both drilling and production operation more precise and efficient. Our advanced and high accurate sensors provide a high standard quality services that optimize drilling and improved wellbore targeting. We work with our client to provide unique and inventive solutions that meet the client’s expectations. We perform creative approaches to the client’s special needs in order to find unique and tailored solutions.