Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment

Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment “QHSE”, has become the key to achieving any work efficiently, and the main factor that enhances productivity, and maintains the welfare of the employees.

From this prospect, we have understood the importance to fully comply with the QHSE standards and regulations.

Our employees have gained their safety awareness through courses, training, and company’s distributed best practices. In GasWay, we acknowledge that Safety is our No.1 priority in the execution of our operations.

We are committed in GasWay to cooperate with the international and local safety regulations in a manner that will not only comply with, but also enhances development of more effective work safety practices.

The QHSE policies of GasWay will be governed by the following elements

Leadership and commitment.
Employees training.
Best practices.
Risk evaluation.
Incident investigation.
Continuous improvement.